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Is Transplanted Hair Grow like Natural Hair?

Yes, the results of hair transplant are natural, because the hairs that are implanted on the patient’s recipient area are taken from the patient’s donor area. Therefore, there are no chances of any infection or unoriginal hair. The implanted hairs grow as like other hairs on the donor area with almost the same characteristics. The roots that are placed inside the bald area start sprouting hair naturally and tend to grow in the same way for a lifetime.

Hair transplant surgery can also prove to be a devastating treatment if not performed correctly. Therefore, you need to be very careful while going for this surgical procedure. A number of factors are responsible to get the natural hair growth, i.e. just like your existing hair on the donor area. These factors are mentioned below:

Active & Healthy Donor Area:

Having a sufficient number of active and strong hair follicles in the donor area can help in the smooth & easy process of hair transplantation and the positive hair growth outcomes.

Hair Transplant Technique:

The technique of hair restoration must be according to the conditions of the patient’s scalp. The appropriate tools and methods will definitely make the procedure successful.

The Expertise of the Surgeon & Team:

It is one of the major factors because your surgeon and team will be responsible for extracting the follicular units and placing them at the right angle, depth and direction. You can also ask and check the results of the latest hair transplant surgeries performed by them.

If the surgery is performed precisely and according to the patient’s requirements, then the hair transplant results look so natural that after getting the fuller and thicker hair growth, the person standing in front of you cannot even recognize whether they are your original hair or you have undergone hair transplant procedure.

Is there any Side Effect after Hair Transplant?

In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the grafts require very small incisions on the donor as well as the recipient area. Because of these tiny holes, the scarring is usually invisible to the naked eye. Also, the small scars at the back of your head i.e. donor area will be hidden under your existing hair.

Coming to the side effects of hair transplant surgery, there is nothing major to worry about. The patient may feel swelling or numbness at the initial stage, but it is temporary and will go down within 2 – 3 days post-surgery.

If you want your locks to be healthy enough, then you need to put extra efforts for that because the healthy and natural growth of your transplanted hair greatly depends on the care and precautions taken by you during the recovery period.

After all this discussion, we can say that undergoing a hair transplant is like a life-changing event for every individual. Hair transplant not just grows hairs on your head, but also makes you look younger and more confident in front of people.

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